Naive Mind

Naive Mind is a project initiated in November 2007 by Enzo Di Ciaccio, who lives in Olbia, Sardinia.


"Driven by insomnia and a lot of boredom I decided to open live and bring my guitar and I started to recording some stuff. I had something to say and for sounds are the best way to tell something. It's a kind of audio scrapbook in wich I put a lot of memories that I want to share with everyone."
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April, 2012

"little audio scrapbook" "The title game"

As you surely noticed, the "____________(Put..." EP doesn’t have a title, and neither does any of the 7 tracks. That is because the game starts here (if you’d like to call it like that).

The rules are:

Listen to every song at least once
Give a title to the EP and to the songs, basing your decision on the feelings you experienced while listening
If you would like, send me an email with the titles you chose and maybe a brief explaination regarding your decision
I’ll explain why:

Why all this? Why didn’t I give the titles, based on what I felt while composing, myself?
It’s simply because the feelings I had are very likely not the same as someone else's. Therefore, I want to give to the listeners full freedom of interpretation of every song in the EP.
What can make me think of a table, can also make someone think of a dog.
And so on.

Please send your track titles to:

Do it only if you want to, this "game" it’s a just an opportunity to have an exchange of impressions in a different way, for once :)


P.S. I am a player myself, I already have a title for the EP, and for every track in it!

One of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Two of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Three of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Four of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Five of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Six of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Seven of SevenNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
SilenceNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
ShyNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Untitled 01Naive MindDownload file (Save as)
Wordless letterNaive MindDownload file (Save as)
Untitled 02Naive MindDownload file (Save as)

Full Downloads (complete album with artwork)

Copyright (c) 2012 by Enzo Di Ciaccio. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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