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January, 2005
Copyright (c) 2005 by Giuseppe Mileti. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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July, 2005
Undercurrents is collaboration between US artist Matt Borghi and Canadian artist Aidan Baker. Droning ambient guitar passages are remixed, reworked, and layered into drifting, amorphous pieces drenched in reverb and echoing with an aquatic, submarine quality.
Undercurrent (part 1)Aidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
Sunken CathedralAidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
StrideAidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
Undercurrent (part 2)Aidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
GravesendAidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
PrecipitateAidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
Turning TidesAidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)
Undercurrent (part 3)Aidan Baker & Matt BorghiDownload file (Save as)

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Copyright (c) 2005 by Aidan Baker, Matt Borghi. All Rights Reserved.
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June, 2003
After releasing numerous EPs and assorted projects on various independent labels and his own Astromass imprint, Pennsylvania sound sculptor Instruction Shuttle (Todd Christopher) has teamed up with Philadelphia-area indy label Zenapolae records to release the Instruction Shuttle masterpiece Open Sad Circuit CD. Open Sad Circuit, a sprawling soundscape of 13 "songs", mixes the signature dense atmospherics of it's creator with micro-melodies and angular twitches, only hinting at a conceptual impressionistic portrayal of the "thoughts" and "experiences" of a sentient audio-manipulation system. Instruction Shuttle uses stereo-field explorations and a labyrinth of sonic smears to give the listener a variety of different levels of listening. The rhythms of the CD consist of crunches and glitches that churn and bob in space. The noises and effects that hide in the darkness of the album make themselves known via avatars of movement, appearing out of nowhere to add fluid and motion to this abstract work. Transitional fades and washes of exposition lead the listener by the ear through the soundscape. Open Sad Circuit is a cross section of the sound that has developed during Instruction Shuttle's ten-plus-years of sound exploration. The imagination of the record presents itself in a very improvisational manner, appearing as a single album-length blur, littered with audible bits and chunks of orthoclase and emeralds. Open Sad Circuit was produced in large by live takes of real-time mixing, and this gives the record a nice organic and comforting feel, regardless of the post-digital apocalyptic cynicism portrayed in the sounds and attitudes..tasty.
2mlInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
ChampagneInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
TalltowersInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
ChimertimerInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
My Love For AnimalsInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
Rome ApproachingInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
Quartz Coarse LandInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
Visible Brush StrokeInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
DustbunnyInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
Kevlar Family AlbumInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
SectorspectorInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
DnadegradeInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
GoodbyeInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)

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Copyright (c) 2003 by Todd Christopher. All Rights Reserved.
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November, 2002
During a trip to perform at the Burning Man Festival, Erin Anderson brought along her trusty tape-recorder and recorded hours of interaction with the crowds. Using only these field recordings, non-linear editing techniques, and digital effects, she has created a richly-textured abstract audio collage.
Just Look At The SunFidgetDownload file (Save as)
This Life IsFidgetDownload file (Save as)
OntooFidgetDownload file (Save as)
Silly QuestionFidgetDownload file (Save as)
Guitar SongFidgetDownload file (Save as)
VerbatimFidgetDownload file (Save as)
The RunaroundFidgetDownload file (Save as)
Subvert The SubversionFidgetDownload file (Save as)
Whatz Your Name?FidgetDownload file (Save as)
OgnobFidgetDownload file (Save as)
Battle Of The Funny SoundsFidgetDownload file (Save as)
Ode To BohFidgetDownload file (Save as)

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Copyright (c) 2002 by Erin Anderson. All Rights Reserved.
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Dark yet uplifting, heart-scratching ditties that gracefully glide with charming synthesizer melodies, AFX-ish breakbeats that range from splattering minimal blips and clips to uppity drum 'n' bass, soundtrack-y soundscapes, quirky bubbly-ness and sci-fi spookiness. It's all urbanely laced with funk, soul, jazz, psychedelics, and, on three tracks, the alluring voice of the ballsy, Tracy Chapman-ish Sierra Hurtt-Akselrod.
BurnPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
SkywritingPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
Drug&BracePaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
SonoluminescencePaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
MattaesquePaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
VegaPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
Your MindPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
BloomingPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)
The Box OpenedPaul EdwardsDownload file (Save as)

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Copyright (c) 2001 by Paul Edwards. All Rights Reserved.
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Zenapolæ's first compilation with tracks by d/form, Crud, Paul Edwards, Dhudn, Kalx, zenasprime, ecux, and Instruction Shuttle.
Graphited/formDownload file (Save as)
Coming Out Of HidingCrudDownload file (Save as)
Children Of The Ort CloudMaudibDownload file (Save as)
My Gluttoness Lobster BabyDhudnDownload file (Save as)
AtirpKalxDownload file (Save as)
029zenas(prime)Download file (Save as)
SeconEcuxDownload file (Save as)
But Now It's Too LateDhudnDownload file (Save as)
UtilityInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
Adinu6KalxDownload file (Save as)
Because You AreMaudibDownload file (Save as)
Y CleptEcuxDownload file (Save as)
SwimshellInstruction ShuttleDownload file (Save as)
Ear Drum DreamCrudDownload file (Save as)
046zenas(prime)Download file (Save as)
Silicad/formDownload file (Save as)

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Copyright (c) 2001 by Various. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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January, 1999
Beat-less Improvisational Ambient Electronic Music.
00:00:00::00:05:50d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:05:51::00:11:58d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:11:59::00:21:15d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:21:16::00:25:39d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:25:40::00:29:20d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:29:21::00:37:02d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:37:03::00:44:49d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:44:50::00:48:23d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:48:24::00:51:08d/formDownload file (Save as)
00:51:09::00:60:00d/formDownload file (Save as)

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Copyright (c) 1999 by Zenas Bellace, Greg Quinzi. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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