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August, 2015
a sonic exploration of the symbols and words of William S Burroughs

1. Eros and Thanatos
Eros and Thanatos, love and death, is a chapter in The Naked Lunch.

2. Yage
Yage is the secretive hallucinogenic drug that Burroughs famously tried to track down in the forests of South America.

3. Orgasm Death
Orgasm death is a repeating theme in a lot of his writings.

4. Virus
Language is a virus.

5. Il hombre
This was Burroughs' nickname, Il hombre invisible.

6. Music for Mugwumps
I couldn't have written an album inspired by Burroughs without using these sexually addictive creatures as an example of his imagination.

7. Cut Up Theory
Cut Up Theory is for me the most important theme of any Burroughs based study or inspiration. I find the practical use of cut up in writing literature and music personally inspiring. The spoken piece in this track is text taken from a web site explaining the cut up method that Burroughs used; then I placed this text through the 'text to speak' program in windows, and the resulting voice-over I 'cut up' electronically to produce what you hear on this track. (click here for a short essay on the cut up method)

8. Eros and Thanatos, Part II
In part 2 of Eros and Thanatos I reversed the initial track to produce this track. Of course where there is love and death, there is also death and love.

The album is an exploration of the symbols of the words used by the American writer William S Burroughs. All the song titles use what I believe to be the quintessential essence of the author’s art of expression. The songs themselves are not based on any of Burroughs' writings, but have been manufactured as an expression of my experience of Burroughs’ thoughts and tastes. Ironically, I found myself in Interzone whilst writing the tracks, although I do believe this is a place where any author goes when creating, writing or forming ideas.

Great thanks goes out to Sue McLeod for her inspirational lyric writing and beautiful singing on Yage. I really couldn't have completed the album without her. Thank you Sue.

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July, 2015
Microsound, Noise, Experimental

1. Connection ...
2. Corridor
3. SolarSt3rn!3
4. Steampunk caves
5. Selfie with the glock
6. Prehistorical vaporwave
7. Baasist bunker
8. East-West prop.
9. Fortress_1
10. Heavy girl
11. Fortress_2
12. Alien mountain
13. Random creat.
14. Explosive puppies

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Made with Audacity, using :

Sine generator,
Paul Stretch by Paul Nasca,
Harmonic Noise by Steven Jones,
Generate waves with Nyquist functions,
Import noise from documents & pictures
& use Wispow Freepiano on 05

June 2015

Copyright (c) 2015 by Julien A. Lacroix.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Cover artwork by Quentin Descharmes.
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June, 2015
music inspired by stories from Japanese Noh dramas
an ambient mix of electronics, radio snippets, drones, and acoustic recordings

1. scatter echoes from each pylon
2. by wave lanes we came a far, far journey
3. lost to view #1
4. obliged to raise a delicate subject
5. lightless valleys, cleft to awful depths
6. a frightened bird, as darkness falls
7. lost to view #2

Japanese: ...You know that the Japanese stage is empty.
Inquirer: That emptiness demands uncommon concentration.
Japanese: Thanks to that concentration, only a slight additional gesture on the actor's part is required to cause mighty things to appear out of a strange stillness.

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Copyright (c) 2015 by phenotypo.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Cover photography supplied by Philip Cerda.
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June, 2015
a delicate, emotional ambient music from Indonesia that floats on its own air

Copyright (c) 2015 by Logic Lost.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Cover photography by Maria Hampe.
Zenapolæ has been devoted a full hour of broadcast time at Radio 3 of the Spanish public radio station RTVE on May 31, 2015. Several recent releases, along with some greeting voice files by the featured artists, were played in the weekly ambient/experimental broadcast Atmósfera, a program produced by Elena Gómez. The complete broadcast can be listened to and downloaded from
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May, 2015
noise beats. hypnotic. hint of techno.

1. Cold
2. Nightmare
3. Noise Sculptor
4. Alien Workshop

"The tracks were inspired by streets sounds, the moody, tense moods, scary and sad and nervous atmospheres in my life, sometimes nightmares, other film music..."

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May, 2015
uneasy sounds of unknown origin

1. I
2. Lullaby

Composed and performed by Marin Milardovic

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May, 2015
sounds from travel into deeper space
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April, 2015
a short ep of digital folk and sacred music recorded alone in my Beijing apartment

1. Magpies
This song was inspired by Eurasian Magpies, one of the most common birds native to northeastern China. They don’t fly south for winter and you can see their nests very easily in the colder months once the trees lose their leaves. They are also very playful and intelligent, and belong to the Corvus family, along with Crows and Ravens, other birds prized for their cunning. They are graceful and stoic animals, and I tried my best to make something that reflected that. The background bed of sound comes from a very loud recess session from the school next to my apartment building.

2. Late Greats
The spoken word sample comes from a portion of Whitney Houston’s funeral, which I found pretty moving. I’ve been extremely lucky thus far to not have lost any truly significant people in my life, but I know it’s gonna happen, and so I recorded this as a kind of preemptive comfort for when it inevitably happens.

3. Stephon Marbury
Named after another New York native and Beijing resident, Stephon Marbury, who is currently a guard for the Beijing Ducks. Here I was just tryna deal with the fact that I wish I could make rap music and can’t. So I steal a few choice lines from Gucci Mane and Jim Jones, and under the proper chord changes, I think it adds a bit of pathos.

4. Wake Up Early Every Morning
This is a song for when you’re scared somebody’s gonna leave your life forever without looking back.

5. Variety Show
This song was inspired by non-racist vaudeville acts and Saturday Night Live. And by those times when you just wanna hibernate.

6. Jeans Go With Everything
This was originally a song called “Country Western Star,” with words and a vocal part, but I decided it didn’t fit having a regular old song at the end of this so I stripped it down to a simple piano arrangement. The recording is just me playing it twice, and I put the two recordings on top of one another to add some fun.

I named this EP Country Western Star as an homage to Taylor Swift,
whose album Fearless was one of my biggest inspirations.

It’s dedicated to a girl (who’s not Taylor Swift).

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