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MUTE is an experimental music duo by Ezequiel Abregú and Martín Matus from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the construction of sound emerges from the procedural and gestural. Our aesthetic has influenced many styles (contemporary, ambient, electronic and experimental noise), trying to make personal and original proposal.

MUTE generates feedback saturating analog and digital processes as a basis for expansion and contraction of the timbrical texture. Improvisation, experimental music and composition melt into the performative experience.

MARTIN MATUS LERNER / BIO / (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978) Electronic musician and sound artist. Graduate degree in Electroacoustic Media Composition (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes) and Master degree in Technology and Aesthetics of the Electronic Arts (UNTreF). I compose electronic and electroacoustic music. I have also created the sound design of various audiovisuals, dance and performance works, and sound installations. Since 2009 I am a teacher and researcher at UNQ. Currently, my line of research focuses on the design of new interfaces applied to music, and the creation of new electronic musical instruments.

EZEQUIEL ABREGÚ / BIO / (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1979) Sound artist and multi-instrumentalist. Doctoral thesis on the relationship between the visual and auditory perception in Sound Art. Degree in Composition with Electroacoustic Media (UNQ). His artistic interest focuses on the interaction between music, performance, sound art, live electronics, auditory and visual perception, interactive media and technology applied to art.

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Our podcast series provides continuous re/mix collages of material from Zenapolæ and other netlabels. Meant for connaisseurs.

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We may direct your attention to one of our past releases:

zen066 - zenas(prime): Post-Process

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