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June, 2013

To celebrate Zenapolæ's tenth anniversary (1999-2009), we have compiled the ten most wanted downloads into a two-part release, one for the albums (.zip) and one for single tracks (.mp3). The Top Ten albums and tracks were determined on the basis of Zenapolæ's Download Statistics module which was introduced in February 2008. Since then, each zip and mp3 download counted for the Top Ten score.

Curiously, the two Top Tens are quite different, the albums mostly being ambient in character, whereas the tracks are more experimental/noise.

Album Top Ten

1. Aidan Baker: Paeu Sensible
from the album Paeu Sensible (zen021)

2. Raumwerk: Vom Scheitern Nietzsches Analytikers, Mahler zu heilen
from the album Insomnia (zen050)

3. Saffron Slumber: Of Ice Water and Steam
from the album Walk Through Doors (zen059)

4. Jopy: Rime Frost
from the album Third Generation Dirt Farmers (zen046)

5. Petal: Glass
from the album The Pharisee (zen029)

6. Jopy: Dhammavicaya
from the album Bojjhanga (zen043)

7. Raumwerk: Sting Meets Green
from the album Eine mögliche Reise (zen035)

8. Machine Thoughts: Teoria Maszyn
from the album Mysli Maszyn (zen014)

9. Petal: Meridian
from the album Variegations (zen048)

10. Maszyna_01: Atraktor
from the album Maszyna_01 (zen060)

Track Top Ten

1. Thomas Maos: Feed Me Back
from the album Chill in Drill out (zen049)

2. OVe: Deep Curtains
from the album s+r0be (zen016)

3. Instruction Shuttle: Exodus
from the album Activnoi-se (zen018)

4. AmgSphont: Pkhkvesis
from the album Landsphere:Atmoscape (zen032)

5. Kidsok Nuit & Trio Antimanerista: Necro-Sclerosiae
from the album Oblique (zen027)

6. Prototyp: Saturn II
from the album Prototyp (zen058)

7. Kenneth John Parsons: Blue World
from the album Inexplicata Music (zen024)

8. Instruction Shuttle: Broken Wing
from the album Outpost (zen045)

9. Kenneth John Parsons: Da-Vinci's-Vitruvian-Man
from the album Inexplicata Music (zen024)

10. Kenneth John Parsons: Leedskalnin-Movement
from the album Inexplicata Music (zen024)

Full Downloads (album top ten) (track top ten)

Copyright (c) 2012 by Zenapolæ.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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