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June, 2016
two mysterious ambient journeys

1. El Hedor a sangre humana me sornie

Trad. "The smell of human blood gives me smiling welcome."

It is a verse of Aeschylus, of The Eumenides, the third part of the triptych
Oresteia, taken from an interview with painter Francis Bacon in 1985.

It's about the forgotten warrior on the battlefield
(and not just the warrior and battles can be timeless and no "physical fields")
and their restless souls.

asking for explanations
a final they do not remember.

They do not even traumatize.

It is the fog that takes from one place to another, appearing and manifesting...
Like a cycling randomness.

2. 17 (Maria Look at me)

This is an event of pagan religion in the street,
widely practiced in Latin American countries.

Groups of believers
singing prayers to God, Jesus and Mary
every Sunday morning.

Nobody sees
No one listens
They are unpleasant
and deceivers
But they are many.

But this reinterpretation
the same mists that lead souls from one place to another
believers of the cover
almost swallow
and a prism
does amplify his own horrors and sins.

And this sin
is 17 years old.

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